Carole Baskin: I Have a VERY Good Reason for Not Helping Police Find My Husband

No one is really interested in Tiger King 2 or its twisted attempt to redeem Joe Exotic.

But that does not mean that people have forgotten the documentary’s stars … including Carole Baskin.

Though Carole devotes her time, energy, and resources to rescuing big cats, some are more focused on her missing husband.

It was recently shared that Carole has no apparent interest in helping police solve that case. Why?

Millions of people bonded over Tiger King in lockdown. It was a phenomenon.

But that was a year and a half ago, before a series of cascading failures drove people out of lockdown and allowed the pandemic to worsen.

Tiger King 2 isn’t the hit that the original was, but it is a reminder that Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis, has not been seen in decades.

Carole Baskin Didn't Kill Her Husband

Don went missing in the 1990s.

Since he vanished, he has not been seen in person by anyone.

Some Tiger King stars, particularly the disgraced Joe Exotic, have gleefully implied that Carole had something to do with Don’s disappearance.

Carole Baskin for DWTS

The imagined story is a little more imaginative than your average “black widow for the money” story.

Like some twisted urban legend, the idea is that Carole murdered her husband and then fed him to her tigers.

While big cats are carnivores that do chew on bones in the wild, we all know that pigs are much more efficient for disposing of human remains.

Look, we don’t know what happened to Don, and we’re not naive enough to declare that anyone is innocent in this.

But it’s a little odd that so many people have seemed to uncritically absorb Joe Exotic’s claims.

Joe, lest we forget, is behind bars where he belongs for a series of crimes, including attempted murder for hire and a series of charges of unspeakable animal cruelty.

Carole Baskin on the Show Tiger King

In the second documentary, a Hillsborough County detective names Moises Garcia spoke on camera.

There, he discussed the reopened missing persons case regarding Don Lewis.

Moises was more than willing to give the impression that Carole is totally uninterested in cooperating with the renewed investigation.

Carole Baskin Snapshot

Oh? Why might that be?

The implication, of course, is that Carole is the alleged murderer and therefore doesn’t want to assist investigators.

But Carole has her own explanation.

Carole Baskin on YouTube

Carole Baskin spoke to TMZ to explain her reluctance.

“There is no one who has more to gain from solving the mystery of Don’s disappearance than I do,” she asserted.

Carole explained that she is invested “because it would clear my name and stop the idiotic rumors.”

Carole Baskin, Husband

So, why isn’t she helping?

“There is nothing that I know that is not either in the Sheriff’s files or in the diary I have published at SaveTheCats.org,” Carole noted.

“And,” she reasoned, “no way I am going to have a clearer memory or anything to add twenty-four years later.”

Carole Baskin Pic

Carole described spending hundreds of hours combing through documents.

She has handed over evidence to authorities.

Carole even offered a $100,000 reward for the discovery of Don’s location.

Carole Baskin at Home

Meanwhile, it is alleged that the Department of Homeland Security found that Don is alive and well — living in Costa Rica.

Carole has recently stated that she hopes that this is true.

For what it’s worth, so do we. Frankly, these documentaries have sensationalized Carole while trying to paint a confirmed, convicted monster in a positive light. That has never sat right with us.

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