How to clean cauliflower before cooking?

Who can say no to a gobi manchurian or aloo or chilly gobi, that pairs well with most dishes out there? Cauliflower is a much-loved vegetable and most dishes prepared with it are considered to be tastier than chicken and beef delicacies by many food lovers.

However, there are high chances for the presence of bacteria and other parasites in raw cauliflower due to which the vegetable has to be cleaned thoroughly before cooking.

Here is the ideal way to clean cauliflower to remove the parasites:
Cut into small pieces
The first step in cleaning cauliflower is to separate its florets and remove the stem at the centre with a knife.

The separated florets have to be washed properly under a tap. This removes dirt and large parasites such as worms.

Mild heat
The next step is cleaning the cauliflower in mildly warm water in which a little salt was dissolved. This process – which should last 10-20 minutes – destroys several microbes and large parasites.

Boiling water
As cauliflower is highly susceptible to microbial attacks, it should be washed once again. This time, boil some water and put the cauliflower florets in it. Keep for five minutes and remove from the hot water.

Cold water
After removing from boiling water, the cauliflower should be transferred to ice-cold water. This prevents the vegetable from getting cooked and makes it crispy.

Gently wipe the cauliflower florets with a soft and clean kitchen towel to remove water. The cleaned cauliflower is now ready for cooking.

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