CBSE launches skill module on handicrafts for Classes 6 to 8

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in collaboration with Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council (HCSSC) launched a student handbook for the skill module on ‘handicrafts’ for classes 6 to 8 in the capital recently. The publication was launched by Manoj Ahuja, IAS, Chairman CBSE.

This skill module on ‘handicrafts’ is focused on practical activities and will give hands-on learning experiences to the students. This handbook will cover two modules, paper mache and fashion jewellery. The student’s handbook/workbook on ‘handicrafts’ shall be available on the academic website of CBSE (

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“I appreciate the efforts of the academic wing of HCSSC for developing this handbook for the students and hope that this module shall help create awareness about India’s rich cultural heritage and traditions as has also been envisioned in the NEP-2020,” said CBSE chairman. 

P Prahladka, Chairman, HCSSC expressed hope that” this module on ‘Handicrafts’ shall help to build aesthetic sensibility, creativity, planning skills, problem-solving skills and innovativeness amongst students.”

Krishna Kumar, CEO, HCSSC said only recycled materials have been used in the practical activities given in the handbook which will help to develop good environmental habits amongst students at a young age. All the tools and equipment required for teaching this Skill Module can be easily procured by the school and are totally safe for the students.

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