Centenarian woman beats COVID in 11 days, leaves hospital in Kerala


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A centenarian woman has beaten COVID-19 in 11 days and left hospital in northern Kannur district of Kerala, infusing a fresh vigour to the overworked health fraternity in the state which is striving to contain the infection.

The condition of the 104-year-old Janaki Amma was critical when she was admitted to the government medical college hospital at Pariyaram on May 31, health department sources said.

She was rushed to the medical college ICU from the dedicated COVID care centre at Taliparamba, where she was admitted earlier, following a drastic dip in the oxygen level.

Janaki Amma’s daughter-in-law and her mother are still under treatment for the virus infection.

Pariyaram Medical College principal-in-charge, Dr S Ajith and other hospital staff wished her all the best when the centenarian left the hospital on Friday, a health department statement said.

Health Minister Veena George greeted Janaki Amma, who had beaten the odds, irrespective of her age.

“Janaki Amma’s confidence at this age is an inspiration for all to fight the disease,” she said.

The minister also praised the doctors, nurses and other staff of the hospital who played a role in helping the woman overcome the infection.

Health department sources said people aged above 65 fall into the high risk category and her recovery should be seen against this background.

Two women, aged 110 and 105, had survived the pandemic earlier in the state.

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