Mumbai: 9 more brands of bottled drinking water to be sold at railway premises

Central Railway (CR) has started taking proactive measures to meet the increasing demand of drinking water during the summer season.

Therefore, the CR have 9 more brands of bottled drinking water to be stocked and sold on railway stations and premises to meet the ever increasing demand for drinking water especially in the summer season. These brands are regularly checked and certified by competent authority.

The 9 approved brands of bottled drinking water apart from Railneer are:

1) Oxymore Aqua

2) Rococco

3) Health Plus

4) Gallons

5) Nimbus

6) Oxy Blue

7) Sun Rich

8) Elvish

9) Eionita

These brands of bottled drinking water have been permitted to be sold in addition to Railneer which is Indian Railway’s brand of bottled drinking water with manufacturing and bottling facility at Ambernath (Mumbai), Bhusaval and other places.

At present due to summer season, there is increased demand of water hence railneer supply is becoming inadequate. Hence above other 9 approved brands have been permitted by railways to be sold at stations.

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