China’s Zhurong Rover Shares Images And Videos Of Mars

China’s National Space Administration has posted some pictures and videos of Mars. On Sunday, Tianwen-1’s rover Zhurong released the first images and videos of the Martian surface, which were captured by a camera installed on the rover. The video shows Mars’ terrain ahead of the lander. The rover is shown deploying a parachute and moving away from its landing platform on the ground. State broadcaster CCTV reported that the Mars rover Zhurong, named after China’s fire god, has been working on the Red Planet for 42 days and has covered a total distance of 236 meters.

To fulfill its ambitious goals in space, China first landed a spacecraft on Mars on 15 May 2021. According to the information, a remote-controlled rover extended the ramp down of its landing capsule on the surface of Mars on 22 May, making China the first country to orbit, land and deploy on the Red Planet.

Zhurong Rover is searching for water and ice

According to reports, a six-wheeled rover is surveying an area known as Utopia Planitia, specifically searching for water and ice that could provide clues to whether life would ever be possible on Mars.

Zhurong Rover is advancing veryslowly on the Mars

According to China’s official space news, Zhurong will advance slowly and it will cover only 10 meters every three days. China is the second country after the United States to land and operate a spacecraft on Mars. The former Soviet Union had landed a vehicle in 1971, but it lost contact a few seconds later.

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