CJI NV Ramana asks youngsters to be conscious of social divides

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HYDERABAD: Chief Justice of India (CJI) NV Ramana, on Sunday, September 12, 2021, exhorted the youth of the country to never let hurdles define them, but instead be shaped by their resilience and the strength of their dreams. “Upon your young shoulders lies the responsibility of fulfilling India’s destiny,” he told them.

Justice Ramana was speaking at a virtual event marking the 22nd foundation day of the Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence in Hyderabad and the 128th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago address.

He said that Vivekananda’s participation in the world ‘Parliament of Religions’ at Chicago in 1893 had given recognition to India, which at the time was merely identified as one of the British colonies. “His address drew the world’s attention to the ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta. He popularised practical Vedanta, as it preached love, compassion, and equal respect for all. His teachings have great relevance even today and would continue to do so in the future as well,” the CJI said.

Justice Ramana added that Vivekananda, in his address, had propagated the idea of tolerance and universal acceptance and had analysed the dangers posed by the meaningless and sectarian conflicts in the society to nations and civilisations. “There is a greater need today, in contemporary India, to pay heed to the words spoken by Swami Vivekananda in 1893,” he said.

The CJI said that the students should be informed of the social ills and the contemporary issues faced by society. “Although these days we have multiple tools to keep ourselves engaged within the four walls of our house, we should take the time to step outside. Focus on your health and engage in physical activities. Visit the slums to be conscious about the divides that exist even within urban spaces. Visit the villages to be aware of rural living. Beyond a mere awareness of the issues, you need to have the mentality to find solutions, and take action to make meaningful change in society. You need to be aware that your actions are a part of the process of nation building,” he said.

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