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Hyderabad: Telangana’s prime minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, is preparing for a direct battle with the Narendra Modi government at the center over the ‘raw agreement’ reached in the state, especially in the acquisition of paddy.

After two rounds of sit-ins, including the one led by the prime minister himself in Hyderabad last month, which demanded that the center lift the entire paddy produced in the state, the head of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) asked his party cadres to keep up the scope of the struggle through protests in every village against ‘anti-peasant’ policies of the BJP-led NDA government.

Unlike the first phase of protest, which was limited to ‘dharnas’ in all 119 constituencies of the Assembly, and the subsequent mega-dharna led by KCR, as the Prime Minister is commonly known, in Hyderabad, the third phase will feature demonstrations and burning of images.

At a meeting with ministers, TRS state lawmakers, MPs and other leaders on December 17, KCR declared an open war with the Center.

“The party cadres were told to burn images of BJP-led center and union ministers spreading lies and spreading misinformation about the issue of paddy acquisition,” a senior party leader said after the meeting.

This will be the first time in seven years that TRS will organize protests of this nature against the BJP-led central government.

KCR, who completed three years as Prime Minister in his second term last week, did not utter a word by complaining to the Center because he had wronged Telangana. He asked the party leaders to go to the people in their respective constituencies and explain to them the anti-peasant policies of the Center.

KCR told party cadres that the time had come for a decisive battle with the Center, harming the interests of Telangana farmers by running away from its constitutional duty to lift roadblocks from the state.

The TRS decision to intensify the protest comes shortly on the heels of the face during the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament.

After the Center on the floor of the House declared war because they did not pick up padby from the state, the TRS announced the boycott of the rest of the session on the acquisition of paddies, other issues related to Telangana and suspension of 12 members of Rajya Sabha belonging to other opposition. parties.

The 16 MPs from TRS, including seven from Rajya Sabha, wanted the Center to announce a national food grain procurement policy and also make a decision on paddy acquisition from the state during the Rabi season.

The TRS MPs, angry at the center’s attitude towards their demands, said the country would only get justice when Prime Minister Narendra Modi left his seat.

“This is a fascist and anti-peasant government. We will prepare the people to revolt against the BJP in the people’s arena, ”said TRS Parliamentary Party leader K. Keshava Rao.

The TRS government, already concerned about the impact of the Center’s decision not to purchase parboiled rice during the coming Rabi season, is also in favor of the sluggish acquisition of paddy during the ongoing Kharif season. .

The TRS was further angered by the statement by central minister Piyush Goyal in parliament when he tried to blame the state government for the slow pace of procurement.

“How can they blame the state government if the Food Corporation of India, warehouses, trains are all in their hands,” asked S. Niranjan Reddy, Minister of Agriculture.

He claimed that the state had almost reached the procurement target of 60 lakh tons set by the Food Corporation of India (FCI) for the current season. To put pressure on the center to get more paddy, a delegation of prime ministers and MPs left for Delhi on Saturday.

The TRS therefore adopts a dual strategy. While the Center is being put under pressure to lift the field out of the state, the party is taking the issue to the grassroots level to explain to the people, especially farmers, that the problems are being created by the Center’s anti-farmers policy.

Political observers say the TRS is also trying to effectively counter the BJP, whose state leadership has thwarted the attack on the ruling party in the state against the government because they failed the farmers, by blocking the streets hit.

By organizing a series of protests, TRS plans to expose what he calls ‘double play’ by the BJP. KCR and other leaders criticized the BJP leaders for provoking the farmers about a problem created by their own government at the center.

The TRS government has already called on farmers not to grow rice during the Rabi season, as the Center has ruled out parboiled rice being obtained from the state. The Department of Agriculture said since only parboiled rice is grown in the state due to its agro-climatic conditions, farmers should look for alternative crops.

BJP leaders, on the other hand, asked the farmers to continue cultivating paddy and blame TRS for the current situation. Bandi Sanjay Kumar, head of the state unit of the BJP, targeted the ruling party for not promoting good quality rice cultivation.

In addition to countering the BJP, the TRS faces the great challenge of convincing farmers to stop rice cultivation. Since rice cultivation is considered relatively easy and not capital intensive, it will not be easy to persuade the farmers for a change in harvest pattern. Some political analysts say the TRS has limited options in this situation.

“KCR needs an escape route from the potential anger he is facing by the farmers in Telangana. Irrigation projects were the biggest assets for the TRS government to cultivate a positive image among the farmers. But now the issue of paddy acquisition could upset the farmers and stop them against this regime. Now KCR must find ways to blame the Modi government for not acquiring paddy. His attack on the Union government must be viewed from that prism, “said political analyst Palwai Raghavendra Reddy.

He also feels that the time is fast approaching for KCR to hand over the baton to his son KT Rama Rao.

“This will necessitate KCR to find a higher pedestal to step on, and pave the way for his son. “Speaking of national politics and indicating that he may be moving to New Delhi, it is possible that KCR is looking at this stage,” Reddy added.

With only two years left until the General Election, KCR will be eager to ensure that it does not lose grip on power in the state, while at the same time playing a key role in national politics.

Source: The Siasat Daily


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