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Kolkata: A study by a team of doctors from Medical College and Hospital (MCH), IPGMER and West Bengal State University (WBSU) has concluded that co-infections, like those from bacteria, fungus and other virus, play an important role in the prognosis and severity of Covid in children.
The study stresses the need for timely detection of co-infections and prompt intervention for better treatment result in infected children. They will require more intense treatment, longer hospital stay and are at a higher mortality risk.
Titled ‘Covid-19 and co-infections in Children: The Indian perspectives’, the study was conducted on 286 children admitted to MCH with Covid. Aged one month to 12 years, they were treated between June and December 2020.
The study, published in Journal of Tropical Paediatrics, Oxford University Press, found 20.6% of the surveyed kids had moderate to severe disease. Forty-three of them or 15% had co-infections, testing positive to blood culture, respiratory secretion. As many as 62.8% with co-infections required PICU treatment, compared to 35.6% kids without co-infections needing intensive care. Incidence of shock, convulsion and altered sensorium were found much higher in kids with co-infections. Disease severity, overall co-morbidity, malignancy, longer PICU stay and a high death rate of 9.3% were found among them. “Detection of co-infections early and prompt treatment are important,” said MCH assistant professor of paediatrics Dibyendu Raychaudhuri. The co-authors are doctors Mihira Sarkar, Rakesh Mondal, Kalpana Datta, Aniket Roy and Debapriya Roy of MCH, pharmacology professor Avijit Hazra of IPGMER and Tapati Sengupta of WBSU.

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