Coaches slam refereeing in heated A-League clash

Alessandro Diamanti confronted the referee after his aspect’s crimson card. (Photo by Mark Brake/Getty Images)

Adelaide United coach Carl Veart and Western United boss Mark Rudan have slammed Friday evening’s match officers, claiming management was misplaced.

Two crimson playing cards, 10 cautions and two Western targets had been controversially cancelled out after VAR intervention.

The scoreless draw was additionally marred by a late present melee at Hindmarsh Stadium, seconds earlier than Reds teenager Mohamed Toure was expelled.

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“In my opinion, in all those yellow cards in the first half and I don’t know how many there was, there was hardly anything in any of them,’’ Veart said.

“And once you start giving silly yellow cards like that, you make it difficult for yourself and then you lose control and that’s what happens.

“I think too many times this year we have spoken about VAR whether it has been right or whether it has been wrong.

“I think we brought VAR in, to make sure we got the decisions right.

“I don’t think we’re getting the decisions right, it’s happened far too many times this year, not just in our games but in other games.

“That’s something the league would have to look at, there’s no point in VAR if you don’t get the decisions right.

“We haven’t had the opportunity to see two teams play a good brand of football, it’s disappointing for the supporters and for the playing group as well.”

Tempers flared at Coopers Stadium on Friday ngiht. (Photo by Mark Brake/Getty Images)
Tempers flared at Coopers Stadium on Friday ngiht. (Photo by Mark Brake/Getty Images)

With Veart claiming the Reds had been “lucky to earn a point”, Rudan stated he was angered by VAR overruling targets from Besart Berisha and Dylan Pierias after an beautiful via ball by celebrity Alessandro Diamanti.

“We’re talking about millimetres (for the VAR off-side call against Pierias),’’ the former Adelaide United centre-back said.

“Why should I ask my players to make forward runs and you have Diamanti here who is enjoyed by all of Australia.

“Probably the only player in Australia that can play a ball like that and it’s part of our game plan at half time, we had to sit deep.

“But it starts with the red card (to Western’s Victor Sanchez), the accidental handball with Tomi Uskok (before Berisha’s “goal” was dominated out for handball), which I don’t get.”

And Rudan added to the controversy.

He believed Sanchez selecting up a second warning the place he was expelled in the thirty sixth minute was influenced by fourth official Daniel Cook.

“Then the red card incident, where a fourth official has made a decision and asked the fourth official who made that decision “it’s a team decision,” Rudan stated.

“(Referee) Chris Beath saw it and chose not to do anything about it and then the fourth official got in his ear and told him.

“It’s not about the fourth official.

“Why are the referees making the game about themselves, and, the fans which have built the game to what it is, the best in the world don’t want this anymore.

“They’re over it and it’s unfortunate for them.

“They didn’t see a good game from two attacking teams, we were deprived of that because a fourth official wants to get in the way of a decision.

“It’s becoming a bit of a joke now because of the inconsistencies.

“The game is not built around referees and the VAR that continue to ruin our game.

“The reason why there was a melee in the second half was because he (Beath) didn’t control the game.”

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