How to Pull Off TikTok’s “Cold Girl” Makeup Trend, According to the Pros

December is here, and the month’s arrival offers the ideal time to try one of TikTok’s latest born-of-reality beauty trends: “I’m cold” or “cold girl” makeup, as dreamed up by creator Zoe Kim Kenealy and seen on stars like Hailey Bieber as of late. Much like the sunburn blush that freckled feeds earlier this year, this look centers the sweeter aspects of windchill, the effects of the elements mimicked with a blush pulled across cheeks and nose, a touch of shimmer at the inner corners of the eyes, and a glassy lip.

Photo: Zoe Kim Kenealy / @zoekimkenealy

“I think the pink flush to cheeks is always so beautiful in the colder months,” says makeup artist Tobi Henney. “It definitely suits everyone and can look great worn with winter coats, beanies, and scarves.” Makeup artist Carolina Dalí-Trites, a devotee of the eye-catching eye moment, agrees, citing nostalgia as the force behind the trend—and championing its transportation nature. “You can take your beauty look from the sunshine of L.A. to the Austrian Alps without needing to hop on a plane,” she says. “Think après-ski. So chic.”

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