Compare TN with developed nations: MK Stalin

By Express News Service

CHENNAI: Urging government officials to think big, Chief Minister MK Stalin on Tuesday advised them to compare Tamil Nadu’s growth with that of developed countries, and not other States in India.

“Only when our thoughts, dreams, and objectives are big, will our achievements be big. We should think big and dream big so the results would be big. We should compare the growth of Tamil Nadu with developed countries and south Asian countries, and avoid being content by comparing ourselves with other States and saying we did our best,” Stalin said.

He said this while reviewing the status of 1,641 announcements made in the Governor’s address, the revised Budget for 2021-22, demands for grants for various departments, and those made under Rule 110. Of these 1,641 announcements, Stalin said Government Orders (GOs) have been issued for 1,313 (80%) till January 10, and GOs for the rest should be issued immediately. Officials should contact the respective departments of the Union government to expedite approvals and financial allocations for the 20 schemes pending, he added.

Reminding officials that their job doesn’t end with issuing GOs, the CM said they must monitor whether these orders are being executed. “Keep tracking the implementation of the work personally,” he stated, adding that secretaries of all departments should visit the districts once in two months to review the status of the welfare schemes.

“At the next meeting, I wish to hear your suggestions and updates on the steps taken to implement the schemes,” the chief minister said. Stalin further said officials should start preliminary work for the schemes to be implemented in the forthcoming year.


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