‘Congratulations, daddy,’ says toddler cheering for her father on his graduation ceremony in viral video

Watching children dressed up for their graduation day is a big dream for all parents. It is exciting to see the parents’ eyes beam with happiness on one of the most memorable days of their child’s life. Have you ever thought about how a child would feel if they had to cheer their parents on graduation ceremony.

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A toddler of Indian origin did just that for her father recently and the video has made many go ‘aww’! In a video that has now gone viral, a little girl could be seen cheering for her father as he graduated from his university. The video shows a young graduate Ashwini Nalawade walking on the stage to collect his degree and his little daughter very cutely interrupted by shouting “Congratulations, daddy”.

The audience then burst into laughter. Ashwini responded by giving his daughter a flying kiss and saying, “I love you”. The toddler then reciprocated her love for her father and shouted, “I love you, daddy”.

Watch the viral video here:

This cute exchange was captured on camera and has been shared many times on the Internet. Ashwini also shared the video on Instagram and penned a sweet note for his daughter. He wrote, “My heart melted along with all the others present. Rather than the graduation award, I felt ‘Being a father to my daughter’ is the biggest accomplishment and achievement for me. She is the world’s best daughter, but you know what people actually say, ‘LIKE DAUGHTER LIKE FATHER.’

 This was the cutest moment during my whole graduation ceremony that would stay alive in my heart forever”.

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