Coronavirus India Latest Update Live: India already in third wave? R-value surges to 1.17 in second half of August as Covid-19 active cases near 4 lakh

Coronavirus live updates, Covid 19 India updates, Delta Delta Plus news, Cowin news, Vaccine news, Third Wave, R-valueAfter dropping below one, Covid R-value in India increased sharply to 1.17 in second half of August, mainly driven by cases in states like Kerala and Maharashtra. (Picture: Reuters)

Coronavirus Case and Fatality Rate in India, Coronavirus Third Wave, Covid R-Value, Today September 4 Live Updates:  Fear of a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic has been getting stronger in the country, and justifiably so as cases have not been decreasing. Instead, cases are irregularly increasing to higher levels. What is more worrying now is that the R-value in the country has surged over 1 again, as the active number of cases of COVID-19 are approaching the 4 lakh figure. R-value is the average number of new infections that are generated per one infected individual. The R-value in the country had earlier dropped to below one after a raging second wave, which had been a relief. But now, a study by researchers at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, has found that in the second half of August, the R-value has risen sharply to 1.17.

An R-value equaling 1 means on an average, one person is being infected by every one infected individual. An R-value above 1 indicates a rising number of cases, and if the trend continues, this could mark the beginning of the third wave of the pandemic. This time, Kerala seems to be the cause of the third wave of the pandemic as an increasing number of daily cases is being reported from there. However, it is not the only state where cases are increasing. A few days ago, Dr. Samiran Panda, who heads Epidemiology and Communicable diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) told news agency ANI that the second wave had not been intense in some states, but it left scope for a third wave. Dr. Panda added that now, an increasing number of cases in some states were indicating the beginning of a third wave in the country.

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