Courteney Cox Jokes About How ‘Real New Yorkers Eat Pizza’ In Hilarious Video

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If there’s one thing Friends star Courteney Cox, 58, is going to do, it’s joking about eating pizza! And that’s exactly what she did on Dec. 7, by sharing a video of how to eat a slice like “a real” New Yorker. “A lot of people who are not from New York come into the city and they can’t wait to have New York-style pizza, and they don’t know how to eat it,” the actress explained. “So first what you do is dab it, you get all the oil off,” Courteney added. “Then authentic New Yorkers like to cut the tip off and they just do a little bite at a time.”

After she took a delicious bite, the 58-year-old then added if you’re from “Sicily or whatever” you then, “roll it like a ‘pizza pie.’” The Homecourt founder then asked a nearby local to confirm she was right. “You do it like this, right?”, Courteney asked, to which they replied, “Yeah.” Later, the Emmy nominee explained that if you want “double cheese”, you deconstruct the slice. “Sometimes when people are craving double cheese they push all the cheese into one area,” she said jokingly.

The seemingly sarcastic video got even funnier when Courteney offered her ripped slice to the stranger. “You guys want this part?”, she asked, to which they gladly accepted. The brunette beauty then joked that only some people know that “this is another way they sell it”, while she took a  massive bite. Finally, the star explained that if you can eat it in “three bites, that’s when you’re a real New Yorker.”

Courteney Cox starred in ‘Friends’ from 1994 to 2004. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Of course, many of her 12.2 million Instagram followers took to the comments to share their reaction to her video. “joey would go nutts,” one fan wrote, referring to her character’s friend from her hit show. Another fan couldn’t help write about how serious the actress seemed in the clip. “The problem is, Courtney is so good at straight faced comedy, I have no idea if this video is tongue in cheek or genuine,” they commented. “I have always wanted to go to New York but I’ve never been.” And a third fan said what we’re all thinking. “As a New Yorker, it hurt me to see this even though I know you’re 1000% joking – at the same time, I want pizza now,” they penned.

The Cougar Town star’s video comes just one week after she surprised Friends fans on the set of Warner Brothers Studios on Nov. 30. “I’m working at Warner Brothers and I thought this is a good time to surprise some Friends fans and photobomb their shots,” she said in her Instagram video. While fans took photos on the iconic orange sofa from the show, the mom-of-one popped out from behind the couch to surprise her fans. “Don’t you hate a photo bomber? #friends,” she captioned the post.

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