COVID-19: 68 Personnel At CBI Mumbai Office Test Positive

Nearly 68 Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) employees working out of its Bandra-Kurla Complex office (BKC) in Mumbai have tested positive for COVID-19, an official of the agency stated on Saturday, January 8, reports news agency PTI.

According to the account, the CBI had asked the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to test 235 people working at the BKC office, remarked the official. Based on the report, the official added that from the said lot of 235 people that also included officials, 68 tested positive for coronavirus

Further, the official mentioned that those who tested positive have been sent for home quarantine. 

Previously, last week it was reported that at the state-run JJ Hospital over 100 COVID-19 infections have been reported. Moreover, over 300 resident doctors across Mumbai’s medical colleges have been infected by the virus and are thus in isolation.

Owing to the fact that many healthcare workers in Mumbai have tested positive, they will now face delay in acquiring their precautionary doses by another three months. Apart from this, there persists anguish in the medical fraternity for they believe that the time span of nine months between the second and third dose put in place by the Centre has made the majority of them ineligible to acquire their booster doses, speculated reports. 

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