COVID-19: Less Than 10 Lakh Eligible To Get Their Booster Doses In Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, less than 10 lakh people that including frontline workers and senior citizens, qualify for the booster doses that have been rolled out from Monday, January 10, reports stated. In Mumbai, based on accounts, fewer than two lakh people from these groups are eligible to get their precautionary doses.

According to reports, there persists anguish in the medical fraternity for they believe that the time span of nine months between the second and third dose put in place by the Centre has made the majority of them ineligible to acquire their booster doses. 

Apart from this, certain narratives claim that with a considerable number of medical practitioners testing positive for COVID-19, they will be required to delay acquiring their precautionary doses by another three months. 

The Centre has named the booster shot as precautionary doses and it is being administered to those who have attained their second shot by April 10, 2021, remarked state officials, in accounts. Only those senior citizens with comorbidities and not all over the age of 60 have been made eligible for the booster. 

In accordance to state figures, from the estimated 29 lakh senior citizens in Maharashtra, 1,00,452 with comorbidities can seek their precautionary doses on Monday, stated reports. 

Owing to the nine-month criteria, of the estimated 12 lakh frontline workers in Maharashtra, 5.08 lakh which is 42 per cent will qualify on Monday. Likewise, 3.26 lakh which is 15.5 per cent of the 21 lakh front liners will become eligible. Thus, nearly 9.3 lakh individuals in Maharashtra can get their doses on Monday. 

In Mumbai, on the other hand, more than 1.8 lakh that includes 88,892 healthcare workers, 80,969 frontline workers and 12,139 senior citizens with comorbidities will become eligible, highlighted accounts.

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