COVID-19: Over 1 crore People Skipped Second Vaccine Dose In Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, the number of individuals who haven’t taken their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine post the completion of the necessitated interval has crossed a crore threshold, reports stated. So far, Maharashtra has administered the first dose to 87 per cent of its eligible population.

However, the full inoculation mark is near 55 per cent. On Tuesday, December 21, the public health department provided certain data which highlighted that 1.05 crore citizens, almost 92 lakh who had taken the Covishield vaccine, whilst 10.6 lakh who had taken the Covaxin vaccine, have defaulted when it came to taking their second shot. 

On the other hand, Mumbai is the only district to have crossed the second dose coverage to almost 80 per cent. Nonetheless, the island city has over seven lakh people who haven’t taken their second jabs. (*1*), experts have opined that vaccination will be the most effective mechanism to curb not just hospitalizations but also deaths. 

According to accounts, data from the state highlight that Pune trailing by Mumbai has the foremost number of individuals who haven’t taken their second jab of the Covishield vaccine at 11.6 lakh and 6.5 lakh respectively. Similarly, Buldhana has the highest number of defaulters due for their second jab of the Covaxin dose. 

Moreover, in Mumbai, ward war rooms have been given the responsibility of calling such people. The BMC has also commenced night vaccination drives to ensure maximum vaccination coverage in the city. 

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