COVID-19 R-value increases from 0.89 to 1.17 in mid August amid rising cases of coronavirus across country

Amid the surge in COVID-19 cases across the country, the R-value has also risen sharply in mid-August. The R-value between August 14-17 was 0.89, however, between August 24-27 it stood at 1.17, researchers at Chennai’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

“Up to August 30, the situation looked pretty bad. India’s R-value had shot up close to 1.2. Not only is it greater than one, but it is also much higher than the last time there was a scare of a third wave (it was 1.03 at that time),” Sitabhra Sinha, who is leading the team of researchers told news agency PTI. 

The R-value represents how many people one infected person is infecting on average, this means the r-factor tells how ‘efficiently’ a virus is spreading in a given locality. If the r-factor is over 1, that means the virus is multiplying at a faster pace. The R factor helps nations to decide how the virus is spreading and take measures effectively. 

The rise in R-value has been driven by the surge in r-factor in states in the last few days of August. The rise is contributed by the worst-hit states like Kerala and Maharashtra as well as other states, where cases are low, such as Mizoram and Jammu and Kashmir. 

Kerala’s R-value currently stands at 1.33 that is the highest number of active cases in the country. Meanwhile, the R-value of Mizoram was at 1.36, Jammu and Kashmir at 1.25, Maharashtra at 1.06, and Andhra Pradesh at 1.09.

The rise in R-factor comes after cases of coronavirus were steadily declining in the nation in the first half of August.

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