COVID-19 Vaccination: Maharashtra will take a year at least to fully inoculate all adults

According to the latest report, it has come to light that vaccinating the entire state of Maharashtra will nearly take more than 11 months to a year considering the current pace of inoculation drive.

In an analysis, TOI has revealed that the state would have to vaccinate more than 10 lakh people every day if it wishes to fully immunise its adult population by December. 

However, experts mentioned that the Centre’s supply, which has been disproportionate to the state’s demand till now, will never be adequate to meet that goal.

As per the data by the state health department, Maharashtra has an adult population of 9.58 crores, which means the state needs 19.16 crore vaccines to fully inoculate all. 

The state has so far administered 5.71 crore doses and needs over 13 crore doses more. 

The Centre every month allocates between 1.15 crore and 1.2 crore doses to Maharashtra. 

Although in September, Maharashtra has been assured of slightly more than 1.7 crore doses. Despite this, it won’t take the state anywhere close to fully vaccinating even half of its population.

Therefore, experts had recommended private participation. Responding to this, state health minister Rajesh Tope said that procuring the vaccine directly from manufacturers is not an option for the government, even though the production capacity of vaccine manufacturers may have increased.

Moreover, Tope admitted that the quota allotted to the state would not be enough to meet the December target.

Meanwhile, Mumbai had taken the lead in exploring the CSR initiative. But it did not have a very enthusiastic response after the initial buzz. Additional municipal commissioner Suresh Kakani said the city got 6 lakh doses via CSR, though enquiries have dried up now.

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