Covid new infections surge continues in AP

Vijayawada: The coronavirus infections saw a rapid rise in Andhra Pradesh during the past few days at the rate of nearly 5,000 infections per day. The figure for all the 13 districts was 4,348 on January 13, 4,528 on January 14 and 4,955 on January 15. Sunday recorded 4,570 infections.

AP has tested a total of 3,18,62,032 Covid19 samples so far and 669 patients recovered as per the daily chart. The cumulative Covid positive cases were 21,06,280, of which 20,65,000 have recovered and 26,770 were active cases.


The single-day highest number of Covid infections in a district, of 1124, was reported in Chittoor district and single day least of 95 in West Godavari district.

Two districts registered four-digit infections and ten districts triple-digit infections. Only one district registered double-digit infections. As many as 30,022 samples were tested for Covid19, of which 4,570 across 13 districts were found positive.

The single-day least, 95 infections, was registered in West Godavari district followed by 168 in Kurnool, 173 in Kadapa, 178 in Prakasam, 187 in Srikakulam, 207 in Krishna, 209 in Vizianagaram, 233 in East Godavari, and 253 in Nellore.


The single-day highest of 1,124 new infections was registered in Chittoor followed by 1,028 in Visakhapatnam, 347 in Anantapur and 368 new infections in Guntur district.

East Godavari is on top in cumulative Corona cases with a total of 2,97,070 infections, Chittoor coming second with a cumulative 2,55,102 cases and West Godavari in the third place with 1,80,738 cumulative cases.


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