CREATECOP28: Art Partner announces the winners of this year’s edition

Art Partner has announced the winners of the Open Call #CreateCOP28 born out the urgency to initiate conversations around climate change and environmental issues that should be addressed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023 (UNFCCC COP 28).

Counting applications from over 130 countries addressing different manifestations of climate change, from river pollution to the extreme variations of weather to rising of sea levels and the increase of human waste, #CreateCOP is a platform where people can share their own experiences and inspire others thought them. With a focus on nurturing and elevating individuals from marginalised communities, this Open Call aims to investigate the climate conversation form the perspective of those who can’t participate in it and suffer from underrepresentation. 

The winner and runners up of this year’s competition are Gab Mejia, Kasha Sequoia Slavner, Francesco Migliaccio, Julia E Daser, María Legaristi Royo, Lize Briel, Chloe Karnezi, and Corinne Rivera. In order to develop future projects, the 1st is awarded with $10k, the 2nd place with $5k, and the 3rd one with $2k.

1st Place. 

Gab Mejia, from Philippines. “The Passage of Storms”

2nd Place. 

Kasha Sequoia Slavner, from Canada. “1.5 Degrees Of Peace Documentary (Trailer)”

Francesco Migliaccio, from Italy. “NIGHTMARE”

3rd Place. 

Julia E Daser, from USA. “Flooded House”

María Legaristi Royo, from Spain. “Mhaijeratt Tales: Living Amidst Landfills”

Lize Briel, from South Africa. “Ocean Soundscape: Installation about Ocean Pollution”

Chloe Karnezi, from Greece. “Junkspace” (Film)

Corinne Rivera, from USA. “Styles of the Anthropocene”

Gab Mejia,“The Passage of Storms”

Gab Mejia

Kasha Sequoia Slavner, “1.5 Degrees Of Peace Documentary” (Trailer)

Corinne Rivera “Styles of the Anthropocene”

Corinne Rivera, “Styles of the Anthropocene”

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