Delhi Air Quality Worsens After Diwali: Know How To Reduce The Impacts Of Pollution On Health

Delhi Air Quality Worsens After Diwali: Know How To Reduce The Impacts Of Pollution On Health

Air pollution in Delhi increases after Diwali with the AQI at 323. Take precautions and stay safe!

Diwali celebration has become the marker of worsening air quality all over the Indian subcontinent. Because of the huge amount of firecrackers that are burnt during this time, the air quality gets severely affected every year around the months on October and November. As reported by news agencies, the Air Quality Index of Delhi has increased up to 323. Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai last week had said bursting firecrackers in the national capital on Diwali will attract a jail term of up to six months and a fine of 200.

Air pollution has become a severe problem in the recent years and especially during and after Diwali celebrations in India. Experts say that air pollution has a huge toxicological effect on human health. The health impacts can range from breathing problems, asthma to lung problems and lung cancer. About 7 million premature deaths in the world are due to air pollutions impacts on health. Air pollution does not affect only the respiratory realm of the body. Still, it has long-term health effects, including heart disease, lung cancer, brain stroke, autoimmune diseases, premature birth, and fetal growth restriction, among others.

Take Precautions And Reduce The Intensity Of Impact Of Air Pollution

We must adhere to a plan of action if we want to stay safe and reduce air pollution at the same time, given the rising levels of air pollution in Delhi. Here are a few measures and steps you can take to make breathing easier in the smog-laden air of Delhi:

Wear Pollution Masks: A carbon filter, an exhaust valve, and a filter superior to N95 are necessary components of a perfect pollution mask. Limit outside activities and make sure the mask fits well before purchasing it.

Utilize Air Purifiers: Filtering the air can reduce the amount of contaminants you breathe in. Your end product will be purer with a higher caliber of your air filter.

Avoid Exercising Outdoors: When we exercise hard, we have to breathe in more of the smog surrounding us. Avoid going on a walk in the early morning or late evening in a situation like Delhi, and if you must, remember to put on your pollution mask.

Consult Your Doctor: Get yourself checked if you experience symptoms like – Difficulty breathing (if you have a respiratory illness), increased heart rate (if you have a heart condition), burning eyes, headaches and fatigue.

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