Deltacron: New Variant Of Coronavirus Detected Amid Third Wave — Here’s What We Know So Far

New Variant Deltacron: Cases of coronavirus infections are once again growing rapidly in the country. These increasing cases are not only a matter of concern and stress for the country but for the entire world. On the other hand with every passing day new variants of covid-19 crop up creating fears and uncertainty about this pandemic.

In fact, when the whole world is trying to protect itself from the claws of the new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, in the meantime Cyprus scientists have detected a new strain. This variant is said to be a mix of Delta and Omicron variants and is named Deltacron. 

In fact, The Jerusalem Post citing the Cyprus Mail in one of its reports stated that Deltacron has the same genetic background as the Delta variant but also has mutations of the new covid variant Omicron. 

Omicron Fastest Spreading Variant

It should be noted that Omicron is said to be the fastest spreading variant compared to other covid-19 variants, while due to the Delta variant hundreds of people from all over the world lost their lives last year and therefore detecting a variant that is a mix of Omicron and Delta is creating scare amongst people. 

25 Deltacron Cases Claimed To Be Found 

Cyprus researchers have sent their findings to GISAID this week. GISAID is a database that tracks universal Coronavirus infections.

According to reports, they have received 25 cases of Deltacron worldwide.  However, no country has officially confirmed patients of this new variant so far. 

Dr. Leondios Kostrikis, head of the Laboratory for Biotechnology and Molecular Virology of the University of Cyprus, said that they found in the research that the frequency of mutation among patients admitted for treatment of Corona was more, indicating that cases of new variants of Corona have been found in hospitals.

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