Diabetes and High Blood Pressure: How To Smartly Manage Both The Conditions

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Dr. Bhupendra Singh, Consultant Cardiologist, Manipal Hospitals, Ghaziabad, explains how a diabetes patient can effectively manage high blood pressure at home.

India is called the capital of diabetes for a reason. Diabetes, a condition that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high, is a prevalent disease in India affecting 77 million people above the age of 18 years. According to the statistics by the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 25 million people in the country are prediabetic.

Diabetes and High BP: Here’s How To Manage Both

Diabetes can put a person at risk of many complications. It is a known fact that diabetes doubles the risk of high blood pressure in PwDs. A person with both diabetes and high blood pressure is four times more at risk of developing heart disease than a person who does not have any of these conditions. It is important that we understand the risk and take appropriate preventive measures. spoke to Dr. Bhupendra Singh, Consultant Cardiologist, Manipal Hospitals, Ghaziabad, to understand how a diabetes patient can effectively manage high blood pressure at home.

“As a diabetic patient, there are some effective habits that one can incorporate into their daily routine. These minor changes in their life can help them in managing high blood pressure,” says Dr. Singh. Take a look at the list below:

Reduce Salt Intake

Sodium present in salt can raise blood pressure within 30 minutes of eating food. Reducing amounts of salt consumption has shown a drop in blood pressure spike within a few weeks so the person should stick to a low-sodium diet.

Engage In Stress-Relieving Activities

During stress, the body releases a mix of hormones that causes the heart to beat faster increasing the blood pressure levels. Although, one cannot eliminate stress from their life, doing fun activities can decrease the levels of stress. Some activities to do are- meditation, board games, physical games, laughing more, and sleeping.

Exercise Moderately

A less talked about the phenomenon is known as Exercise Hypertension in which the blood pressure spikes more than what is considered healthy levels. This can be risky for diabetic patients as they already experience many instances of hypertension.

Aim For a Healthy Weight

Blood pressure rises as the body weight of a person increases and causes further complications such as sleep apnea and high cholesterol. The risk is increased when the person is diabetic.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Intake

Alcohol can reduce the impact of blood pressure medications. If the patient does not consume alcohol regularly, then they are relatively safer. If the person is a regular drinker, then they should start by reducing alcohol intake slowly. Even reducing one to two glasses each time can have positive results.

Stop Smoking

Having a single cigarette can cause a temporary blood pressure spike within 20 minutes of intake. Repeated temporary spikes in blood pressure are dangerous, especially for diabetic patients therefore, one must avoid smoking as well as passive smoking.

A diabetic patient may develop complications including heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, and vision, and it can even impact mental health. High blood pressure spikes along with these complications can be very difficult. However, by regularly consulting a doctor one can manage these conditions. A patient should take time to understand what foods and exercises work best for them. They should also try and change their lifestyle and avoid indulging in stressful situations. A doctor can further guide them on medications to control their blood pressure spikes.

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