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Did Bridget Jones Make Us Hate Our Bodies?

“I can confidently say that the years of destroyed self-worth I’ve experienced due to my body are thanks to the culture and media of the early 2000s,” laments Nicole Napolitano, a 27-year-old in Brooklyn, NY. Bridget Jones’s Diary is hardly the one film from that period that handled a dimension 8 as problematic. Natalie in Love, Actually is persistently described as chubby. “I think there’s a pretty sizable ass there…huge thighs,” a feminine colleague says to Hugh Grant, showing this time because the British Prime Minister, in a weird second of inappropriate office-bonding. Kendall Davis, a 33-year-old author and editor who lives in Colorado, famous how dangerous that storyline was for her: “Natalie is constantly called fat, and I always thought, ‘Wow if SHE is fat, then I’m GIANT.” I assume we ought to be grateful that they by no means informed us Nataile’s actual weight.

There’s additionally Krissy in Now and Then who’s informed to her face that she’s “fat” regardless of being barely bigger than the opposite ladies in her clique. She’s proven consuming and lounging all through the movie to actually drive the purpose dwelling that she’s “the lazy one.” Then there’s the “fat step-sister” in Ever After, performed by an enthralling Melanie Lynskey who’s persistently fat-shamed all through by her depraved sister. And then there’s the Sex and the City film, when everybody acts shocked that Samantha, a girl about to show 50, not has a six-pack. The look of horror on Carrie, Miranda, and Charlottes’ faces says all of it—that skinny lady carrying tight designer garments has let herself go.

“The relentless criticism of normal, even skinny, bodies led me and an entire generation of girls to believe the worst possible thing that could happen to you is being fat,” Davis informed me over Twitter DM. She factors out that Bridget “isn’t even a realistic representation of an average woman.” Bridget’s weight is within the twenty fourth percentile for British ladies of her peak, which means the quantity on her scale is decrease than 76% of girls her peak and age. As Taylor Maness, a 23-year-old digital marketer in Charlotte, NC notes, “Her healthy body was made out to be an obstacle she had to overcome. This narrative primes women for a lifetime of insecurities and self-doubt.”

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