DNA Special: Modi cabinet reshuffle to take place soon – What will it look like?

You must be seeing the news about the expansion of Prime Minister Modi’s Cabinet in the media and you must be being told like every time which leaders can get a place in the Union cabinet. But today we will go ahead and tell you that what is the real idea behind the expansion of this cabinet? And how this cabinet will completely change the political traditions in India.

We have come to know that cabinet expansion can happen today, for which Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President JP Nadda have been meeting continuously for the past few days. Apart from this, Home Minister Amit Shah was also involved in these meetings. Now let us tell about the cabinet expansion.

OBC community will be kept in mind during cabinet expansion and we have got information that after this expansion, 25 leaders in Prime Minister Modi’s cabinet will be from OBC. And this will be the first such government in history, in which OBC will get such a big representation. And that’s why you can also call it the first OBC government of the country after the cabinet expansion.

Although there is no OBC category in the Census of India, in the year 1980, the Mandal Commission had said in its report that 52 percent of India’s population is from the OBC community. Then the Mandal Commission had placed 1257 sub-castes of the country in OBC. After this, in the year 2007, the National Sample Survey Organization also submitted a report and the OBC community population in the country was reported to be around 41 percent.

After the expansion of the cabinet, the OBC community, which is about half the population of the country, will be represented in the central government, which is a big deal. Apart from this, the Jat community can also get representation in the government.

In the cabinet expansion, the Dalit and tribal community of the country will also get full representation. We have come to know that after the cabinet expansion, the number of SC and ST leaders in the government will be 10-10.

The expansion of the cabinet will be in such a way that all the states and union territories of the country get representation in it. That is, one or more leaders from each state will be included in the Modi cabinet. At present, there are 28 states and 8 union territories in the country. After the expansion of the cabinet, all these states and union territories will have a share in the central government.

Along with the states, full care will also be taken of the areas. For example, Uttar Pradesh is a state, but there are four major regions in this one state, Purvanchal, Awadh, Bundelkhand and Western Uttar Pradesh.

After the expansion of the cabinet, it will be the youngest Council of Ministers in the country so far in terms of age. After the expansion of the cabinet, the average age of the ministers in this government will be the lowest. This is also important because the youth population in India is 65 percent. And according to this, this government will also represent the youth of the country.

After the expansion of the cabinet, this government will have the most educated leaders. Former diplomats, doctors and lawyers will represent this government. It will also have the largest number of women.

Leaders who have experience in state politics will also get a chance in this cabinet. For example, leaders who have been chief ministers or have held ministerial positions. Among them may also be the Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal, who reached Delhi with the luggage on Tuesday.

After the expansion of the cabinet, there will be a mix of experienced and young leaders in the government. This will be the first cabinet expansion that does not take into account political pressure, recommendations and elections.

This was not the case earlier. Earlier cabinet expansions were due to political pressure, on the basis of recommendations, leaders were placed in the government and new ministers were given space keeping in mind the elections. But it won’t happen for the first time.

Right now, when the cabinet expansion has not taken place, there are 53 leaders in the cabinet including Prime Minister Modi. And their number can be increased to 81.

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