Do You Wish to Pass Microsoft Certbolt AZ-400 Assessment? Study These Skills While Using Practice Tests


Fair enough, exceptional performance in an exam is never about chance but deliberate and sensible moves while studying. As a rule, Microsoft assessments measure such skills that no applicant should miss to note from the beginning of their prep. So, this post uncovers the skills gaged in the Microsoft AZ-400 accreditation that can be honed via accurate and updated practice tests.


Tested Areas Measured by Assessment AZ-400

Well, if you gainthe relevant skills for AZ-400exam,you’ll get closer to possessing the Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification. Thus, this should motivate you to learn the following:

  • Developing a strategy for instrumentation

First, this skill area covers the creation as well as the deployment oflogging &telemetry. Next is the aspect of integrating solutions for monitoring.

  • Establishing an SRE strategy

For this domain of AZ-400,known as a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy, areas to be covered include developing an actionable methodology for predicting failure. Also, there you will learn how to be in charge of health checks, integrating them with various compute environments.

  • Making a plan for both security as well as compliance

Under this topic, candidates must be skilled in providing a techniquefor authentication, authorization, and sensitive information. Also, equipped with that knowledge, you will be ensuring security and complianceincluding designing mechanisms for governance enforcement.

  • Administering source control

The Microsoft exam AZ-400 allows learners to understandhow to develop a control strategy for modern sources, define branching methods, and construct repositories. The skill of integrating source controls using tools is also included here.

  • Smoothing communication & collaboration processes

Communication and collaboration is another skill to be measured by AZ-400test. The expertise to check there includescommunicating with enterprise stakeholders on deployment and information release and generating documentation for DevOps processes. Finally, applicants for this Microsoft exam must be aware of strategies for creating automated communication with team members.

  • Executing continuous integration

The Microsoft AZ-400 accreditation measures your capability in designingautomation, a strategy for package processes, and a management technique for application infrastructure. There, you will also be tested on the implementation and maintenanceof a strategy for a build.


  • Describing and putting into practice a method for continuous delivery and managing release

There are certain subsections expected for this skill area. They include establishing scripts as well as templates for implementation and planning an environment strategy for deployment.

How to Understand AZ-400 Scope of Expertise Measured with Practice Tests?

Practice tests are famous for comprising of previous exams and presenting them in the same way as the actual assessment. With their use, applicants for AZ-400 can enormously enrich their understanding of the aforementioned skills. In addition, as you simulate practice tests, your mood will be like the one in the exam room. So, to level up your skills, be consistent whilst tackling the questions, and note any area that proves tough. After completing a session, you can go back to the hard topics, concepts, or skills and learn them one more time.


With this post, focus on understanding what is up for grabs in your forthcoming exam. Take time to study the skills measured for the Microsoft AZ-400 with practice tests and prepare to pass it with flying colors. From there, you can relax and wait for your Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert badge. You deserve the best!

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