Dome house listed in Hawaii for $1.1M. Take a look inside ‘hidden slice of paradise’



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A beautiful home that is accurately described as a “hidden slice of paradise” has hit the real estate market on the island of Kauai, Hawaii for $1.13 million.

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But it’s not just your average, run-of-the-mill house with a picture-perfect backdrop.

It’s actually a two-bedroom, three-bath “monolithic dome” home that’s perched near the Waimea River, and it has more to offer than absolutely fabulous views.

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”Snuggled on an acre of a hidden slice of paradise,” the 1,662-square-foot home has an open floor plan with a colorful interior and is considered a “low maintenance” property, the listing on Zillow says.

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And it’s surrounded by a variety of fruit trees, including: longan, mac, guava, mango, orange, cherry, papaya and coconut.

The home, along with its breathtaking views, caught the eye of the popular social media page Zillow Gone Wild, as fans both fell in love with the beauty of the dome home, and made pop culture references to it.

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“Is there a button inside you have to keep pushing at specified intervals or the world will end?” someone asked, referencing the TV drama series “Lost.”

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“If this house were literally anywhere else on earth, I would be making so much fun of it, but OMGWANT,” one fan said.

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“I’m not fond of the kitchen on wheels at all, but, overall, the house is very cool,” another person said.

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“Odd, but I could make it work,” one person commented.

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“This is pretty wild, but I’m kind of feeling it,” another fan said.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

“This looks like a bunker from the set of ‘Lost,’” one person mentioned.

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“As a dentist this reminds me of a molar,” another joked.

“Honestly I don’t care that it looks like the Flintstones lived there, the view and location are worth it,” one person commented.

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