Donald Trump’s lookalike seen in Pakistan, a kulfi seller winning internet through his singing talent

Thanks to the internet, netizens have come across many celebrity-lookalikes, sometimes in farthest locations doing entirely different jobs. The latest in the list is a doppelganger of Donald Trump, in Pakistan.

The former US president, who has had many lookalikes over the years, now has found one with musical talent. In a video that has taken social media by storm, a kulfi vendor is making waves not just for his striking resemblance to the billionaire politician but also for his unique voice.

The middle-aged man wearing a kurta pajama, supposedly suffering from albinism, has blond hair and a physique similar to Trump and he was seen singing soulfully beside his cart.

The video got traction after Pakistani singer-songwriter Shehzad Roy shared it on his social media handles praising the Trump doppelganger “Wah. Qulfi walay bhai, Kya baat ha,” Roy wrote.

“Please share if you know this Qulfi walay bhai…. I am looking for him,” he added on Twitter after the video started getting a lot of traction.

As many social media users on multiple platforms came forward to say that the kulfi seller hails from Sahiwal in Punjab, Pakistan, Roy replied saying he wanted to help him out. Many locals who claimed to have been eating the man’s delicious desserts for years said they will try their best.

As the person in the video had an uncanny resemblance to Trump, it also triggered some hilarious memes and jokes. While one quipped, “Donald Trump is selling ice cream in Pakistan after losing the election”, another added: “Didn’t know the former US President could sing”.

“His voice is soulful – he’s an artist,” commented one of his fans after seeing him belting out songs in Urdu. Another person, praising his singing skills remarked, “Looks like Trump, soul like Naseebo Lal”, referring to the noted folk artiste.

It is unclear if Roy has been able to reach out to the talented man yet but fans have requested him to give them an update.

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