East Godavari district police arrested 360 for ganja smuggling

By Express News Service

KAKINADA: Superintendent of Police M Ravindranath Babu on Wednesday presented the annual crime statistics for the year 2021. 

He said, the district police have arrested 360 accused in ganja and other prohibited activities, belonging to different states. 

Of the 360, 126 belong to Telangana, 58 are from Odisha, 41 are from Maharastara, 31 from Tamil Nadu and the rest from other states. 

The accused were arrested while transporting ganja through cars and other vehicles during the police inspections, Ravindranath Babu informed. The district police department has also dealt with fake calls on the emergency number 100. 

“The police department answered 8,990 actionable calls from the  public out of the 90,995 made this year. Most calls made to 100 were found to be fake,” the Superintendent of Police said.
Crimes against women

He said that the district police have registered 1,526 cases of crime against women this year, compared to 1,037 last year.

The increase was due to the fact that all police stations in the district were instructed to receive complaints and women were encouraged to come out and file complaints against the injustice, the SP explained. There has also been a considerable increase in the number of kidnap cases as 76 cases were registered, compared to 61 last year.

Babu further said, ‘Operation Parivarthana’ gave good result in the Agency areas. He said ganja worth `5 crore was seized during transportation. 

Cases against gutka, pan parag, ID liquor and NDP liquor were also registered and the district police have blocked illegal marketing of the products, the SP added.  


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