This eco-friendly luxury mansion is a star in Pathanamthitta village

The beautiful countryside of Plankamon in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala is known for its hilly terrain and pleasant weather. Vijo’s brand new house on the Carmel Hills here blends well with the natural layout of the plot. The 30 cents plot was sprawled in multiple layers on the steep hill. First, the plot was levelled into two layers using the mud from the hill. The house now stands on the upper layer while the family uses the lower layer for farming.

Traditional Mangalore tiles have been paved on the GI truss roof. Besides, the outer wall is highlighted with brick cladding. The green vines add the perfect contract against these earthy shades. Old roofing tiles aren’t polished to grant an old-world charm to the elevation of the house. Meanwhile, the front yard has been paved with tandoor stones.

Designed in 4300 sqft, this amazing mansion has a car porch, sit-out, living area, dining space, two courtyards, kitchen with a work area and three bath-attached bedrooms on the ground floor. Meanwhile, there is a living area, bedroom and a balcony on the upper floor.

Interestingly, each area in this house dons a unique identity by featuring special designer elements. The entrance door opens to the spacious living-dining area designed in double height.

The excellent cross ventilation and fabulous natural lighting add a splendid ambience to the area. Lots of louvers have been built on the elevation to push out the hot air. Meanwhile, the fusion style flooring works is quite eye-catching. Besides vitrified tiles, Kadappa stones in a rustic finish and kota stones too have been used for the flooring works. The custom-made furniture pieces are classy and merge well with the general theme of the house.

The rustic-themed formal living area is well-furnished and elegant. A wall here has been highlighted with pleasant blue textured paint. Meanwhile, the hand railings of the staircase feature a stylish combination of steel and wood.

The circular-shaped window in the mini courtyard is an interesting feature. Cool rain showers and golden sun rays are welcomed into the house through the open ceiling of the courtyard. Besides, an indoor plant too has been arranged here to add a touch of greenery.

Meanwhile, the main courtyard is just beside the dining area. The wall in the courtyard is highlighted with laterite stone cladding. The pergola skylight on the ceiling brings in oodles of natural sunshine. This area too is decorated with lots of indoor plants. A small fish pond too has been arranged close to the courtyard.

The dining table is simple and can accommodate up to six guests. A counter connects the dining area and the kitchen. Interestingly, this has been turned into a quaint breakfast spot by arranging a few high chairs. Meanwhile, the tile claddings and the designer mirror make the wash area one of the stylish spots in the interiors.

The upper living area is used as a reading area by smartly turning a wall into a bookshelf. The kids’ bedroom is incredibly vibrant with a bunk bed and lots of storage space.

The bedrooms open to the serene greenery and beautiful nature outside. The bath-attached bedrooms have wardrobes and separate dressing spaces. Sliding doors in the bedrooms open to the balcony.

The kitchen cabinets are done in plywood with mica finish. Meanwhile, the backsplash is pasted with imported tiles granting a clean and elegant look to the kitchen. Besides, there is a working kitchen where a wood fire stove has been installed. A work area too is part of the extensive kitchen space.

The eco-friendly features of this amazing abode are worth mentioning. The house runs on electricity produced by 5 KW hybrid solar plant. Besides, there is a rainwater harvesting tank that can tore up to 30,000 litres of water and a biogas plant too.

This house named ‘Hesed’ which, in Hebrew, means ‘kindness’ has become a major landmark in the area.

Project Facts

Location – Plankamon, Pathanamthitta

Plot – 30 cents

Area – 4300 SFT

Owners – Vijo and Mahima

Designer – Saleek Ahamed

Saleed Ahmed Architecture, Malappuram

Mob – 8547485060

Year of completion – 2021 

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