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One of Pune’s finest educational institutions specializing in business and entrepreneurship, the MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship is crossing its 8th year of nurturing India’s next generation of business tycoons. Started with the ambition of revolutionizing business education in India, MIDAS has established a firm sense of goodwill and trust in the local community and trained more than 500 entrepreneurs.

It was founded in 2013 by Professor Parag Shah, a serial entrepreneur and educationist who has ample experience running both start-ups and educational institutions. Professor Shah’s conviction is that entrepreneurs are made, not born and that with the proper guidance, entrepreneurs can be trained to resolve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Innovation, leadership and pragmatism are the key features of any successful entrepreneur, and the MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship seeks to inculcate those very skills into its students.

What sets MIDAS apart from other business schools is its commitment to holistic entrepreneurship education. Students are taught not just how to master business concepts but also to master themselves and their thinking to become better-rounded versions of themselves. MIDAS emphasizes practical learning over theories and rote learning through plenty of simulation exercises and field trips.

The MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship has always had great success with its post-graduate program but now wants to help a different demographic reach their dreams. Running a business is a highly complex affair, and entrepreneurs face many challenges and struggles in growing their businesses.

This is why MIDAS is launching the Entrepreneurship Development and Growth Elevation (EDGE) program, tailored especially for ambitious business leaders who want to take their businesses to the next level. The EDGE program will help participants understand their strengths and weaknesses and equip them with the tools to expand their enterprises and overcome any challenges in their way.

MIDAS EDGE is a one-month intensive program that will take its participants through every aspect of business management to help them empower their businesses. The course consists of three modules – Business Mastery, Real-Time Strategy, and Behavioural Intelligence. The first module focuses on the fundamentals of business and management like leadership, recruitment, and design thinking. This module will help participants become better at management and idea generation. The second module focuses on practical business skills like negotiation, finance, and navigating politics, ensuring that participants are equipped with the necessary skills to find success in real-life business scenarios. The final module focuses on the entrepreneur’s personal growth and how he can best understand his own goals and dreams and achieve them.

Above all, the EDGE program emphasizes a holistic and comprehensive curriculum that teaches creative entrepreneurship and personal development to result in stellar results. The program is also oriented towards practicality, focusing on real-world situations and problems.

MIDAS also sports highly experienced trainers who are serial entrepreneurs in their own right. The EDGE program is also an excellent opportunity for participants to network with the local business community. Register now for this unique course that will bring about the best in business leaders of tomorrow and enhance the growth of their businesses.


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