Explained: What caused Facebook oversight body to reverse ban

Social media large Facebook’s Oversight Board has reversed a call of the platform to take away a put up that was essential of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Oversight Board additionally stated that it was incorrect of Facebook to not have given the consumer who shared the put up, an opportunity to attraction in opposition to the unique choice.

What was the put up banned by Facebook?

According to the small print shared by the Oversight Board, in November final yr, a consumer in Punjab shared a 17-minute video clip that was initially uploaded by a Punjabi media channel known as Global Punjab TV. The video clip confirmed an interview with a professor.

In the put up accompanying the video, the consumer claimed that the RSS and BJP have been shifting in the direction of “extremism” and have been threatening and planning to kill Sikhs in a mode that will repeat the “deadly saga” of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

After being flagged by one other consumer, the put up was reviewed by a human reviewer at Facebook, who decided that the put up violates the platforms’ Dangerous Individuals and Organisations Community Standard, and was then eliminated.

What is the Dangerous Individuals and Organisations Community Standard of Facebook?

As per Facebook’s coverage, the platform, so as to forestall and disrupt any real-world hurt, doesn’t permit any organisation or person who proclaims a violent mission or is engaged in violence to be current on the platform.

Why did the Oversight Board overturn the platform’s choice to ban the put up?

The Oversight Board reversed the choice to ban the consumer and take away his put up primarily on two accounts. The first downside with elimination of the content material and banning of the consumer was that Facebook was unable to determine particular phrases within the content material which it deemed “dangerous” for the neighborhood.

Secondly, Facebook’s elimination of the put up was not according to its personal insurance policies on defending and safeguarding human rights because the put up that was shared “highlighted the concerns of minority and opposition voices in India that are allegedly being discriminated against by the government”.

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