Eye Flu Home Remedies: How To Deal With Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye?

Eye Flu Home Remedies: How To Deal With Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye?

Suffering from eye flu or conjunctivitis? Here are easy home remedies that you must adopt to deal with pink eye.

Conjunctivitis, sometimes known as “pink eye,” develops when the conjunctiva, a transparent membrane that surrounds the eyelids and the eyeball, swells or becomes inflamed. Infected blood vessels in the conjunctiva swell and become more visible, giving the white of the eye a pinkish or red appearance.

Eye flu virus infections are extremely contagious and they can also spread quickly, especially among children and in crowded settings. In this post, we’ll look at some efficient home remedies that can help the patient manage this condition’s symptoms and eventually get better.

How To Know If You Have Conjunctivitis?

Since the monsoon is the peak season for pink eye or eye flu, it is crucial that you remain extra cautious and careful with the infection by incorporating basic precautionary measures in your daily life. However, it is not always possible to take precautions against diseases as infectious and communicable as these. Since the pink eye cannot be prevented all the time, it is important to recognise its symptoms as soon as you become infected in order to receive treatment as soon as possible.

9 Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

All types of illnesses caused by bacteria can affect the eye, but how can you tell if you have pink eye? You have a pink eye when you notice these symptoms of conjunctivitis:

  1. Pink or red color in the white of the eye(s).
  2. Swelling of the conjunctiva and/or eyelids.
  3. Increased tear production.
  4. Crusting of eyelids or lashes
  5. Itching
  6. Tearing Discharge
  7. Adaptability to Light
  8. Eyelid swelling and pain
  9. Some people may experience blurry vision.

How Contagious Is Pink Eye?

Pink eye, which is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, can spread rapidly. It is advised to be especially cautious with anyone you know who has already contracted the virus. As cases of conjunctivitis are rising exponentially in India, here is what one should do after getting infected or after catching the virus:

  1. The symptoms of eye flu or conjunctivitis can be easily traced. As it is highly contagious, one must isolate him/herself.
  2. Avoid touching your face and eyes.
  3. Putting a warm or cold compress over your eyes is a good idea to keep irritation at bay.
  4. Hot compress will also take care of the pain that you may experience while dealing with conjunctivitis or eye flu.
  5. Seek medical help and don’t go fo self-medication.

Important Note: Pink eye, often known as conjunctivitis, should not be taken lightly. Due to its great communicability, it must be prevented from spreading further by taking the appropriate safeguards.

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