Eye on image, Yogi Adityanath lays out rules for ministers

Make official presentations yourself. Travel to the ground to meet people. Use government guest houses rather than hotels. Don’t appoint relatives as secretaries.

These are among a list of do’s and don’t issued by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the ministers in his council as he attempts to burnish his governance credentials ahead of the urban local body polls later this year — and the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

As part of these guidelines, the CM has also laid out a day-wise agenda for ministers, it is learnt. Ministers will spend the first four days of the week in the capital Lucknow. On Monday, they will have to be in their office to hold meetings, look after departmental works, and meet people. On Tuesday they will attend a Cabinet meeting —if it’s held that day — and meet public representatives. On Wednesday and Thursday, they will attend meetings of government-level committees.

From Friday to Sunday, ministers will tour districts to meet people, address their grievances, and stay in the district assigned as minister-in-charge.

According to sources, the Chief Minister has directed ministers to stay at government guest houses instead of hotels during official tours. Ministers have also been asked to travel with minimum staff and no family members.

A minister said: “Some of these guidelines, like the one related to field visits and taking family members on official tours were there earlier too. But the government is appearing stricter this time to send a positive message in public about the BJP rule. The government is very concerned about image and delivery ahead of the urban local body polls later this year and the Lok Sabha elections. If ministers themselves are active in department work, that will help them in supervision of existing projects and faster implementation of promises that BJP had made in its manifesto.”

Besides these, the CM has directed his ministers to make presentations of proposals of their respective departments in the cabinet meetings instead of asking officers to do so. However, they can seek help from the officials in collecting information and assisting in preparation of the presentation.

An official said: “With such directives, CM is trying to get ministers and officers to set an example with their style of functioning.”

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