Facebook jokes about secluded home in Louisville, KY

The home is on the outskirts of Jefferson County.

The home is on the outskirts of Jefferson County.

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At first look, this secluded home available on the market for $399,000 in Louisville, Kentucky, seems to be like your common, run-of-the-mill home with a quiet backdrop that features a tree-covered hill and a small lake.

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But a shock pops up when wanting by the images, and customers on the favored Facebook web page “Zillow Gone Wild” are taking notice.

“Say the lampshade is made of human skin without telling me the lampshade is made of human skin,” joked one consumer.

“It’s different when it’s a couple jail cells with toilets and sinks, but this … nuh uh,” stated one other. “They’re basically saying here’s the perfect house for anyone who wants to torture people!”

“I read, ‘It’s been a while since we’ve seen a home like this’ and bee-lined for the photos,” one consumer stated of the outline on the Facebook publish. “It does not disappoint in a ‘Hannibal Lecter goes Shabby Chic’ sort of way.”

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The fuss stems from an additional room in the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home that doesn’t fairly match the remainder of the ground plan. While the primary bedrooms and even the third, windowless room, appear innocent sufficient, a room with a vaulted door together with what seems to be jail cell bars, hides one other windowless room that appears … odd.

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“There is an additional bonus room that can be used as a craft room or office with a sofa room attached,” the itemizing stated. The description skips over particulars about the room, and as a substitute dives into mentioning the “healthy air de-humidifier system” and “the 18” poured concrete partitions present safety and many insulation from the weather.”

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While the itemizing’s lack-of-room-description leaves so much to the creativeness of these home looking, Facebook customers continued to go all in and supply their ideas and jokes.

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“It’s a bomb shelter,” stated one consumer. “I toured a house like this with my parents when I was a kid. That one had a similar ’cell.’ It was built in the 1950s though. It also literally said ’BOMB SHELTER’ on the door.”

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“Underground homes were a thing here in Kentucky for a while, because … tornadoes. There’s several in my town,” a consumer supplied.

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“Clearly a werewolf lives here, and they lock themselves in the cage on full moon nights. They’re doing it for your safety and you’re mocking them. Shame,” joked one other consumer.

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Users additionally took discover that in a photograph of a part of the roof, it seems to be stage with the bottom.

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“Seriously though the roof being at the same level as the ground in the one corner is really weird, too,” wrote one consumer.

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