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Fashion Shows Are Dead, Long Live Fashion Shows!

“We’ve seen stuff coming way more from TikTok, which is sort of the digital version of the proverbial street, where things happen more organically by osmosis,” says Edwards. On the app, customers are inspired to react, reply, and even recreate fashionable movies, utilizing soundtracks or voiceovers to parody or pay homage to authentic creators. It creates an countless suggestions loop the place manufacturers can play with influencers on the identical scale.

Vu, the pinnacle of vogue at TikTok, says, “over the course of last year, we’ve seen an influx of interest and engagement from the community for fashion content. From my experience, whenever I go to these fashion shows, they always felt exclusive. There is a lot more benefit to really being inclusive and inviting the audience into the experience.” If some insiders would possibly disagree, favoring the intimacy of personal occasions, the numbers don’t lie: The #MakeItVogue hashtag on TikTok, launched solely final week, has over 940 million views.

“Brands are definitely branching out and leaning in toward the TikTok communities more. Social listening will be key to these brands because they need to understand what is the perception right now for the brand. How can they join in or how they can correct the perception, how they can accentuate it?” Vu continues. “That also becomes a thing with fashion shows; they need to be interactive.”

Vu factors to the Gucci Model Challenge, a creator-generated meme about styling a Gucci look with objects in your individual closet, that Gucci promoted on its channels. “Gucci has clearly seen the value in the community and really opened up their brand image, to allow the community to come in and help them with their creativity as well. Celine and Balmian, she says, have also found success on the platform by creating original sounds that users can incorporate into their own pieces of content. The same goes for JW Anderson, who offered the pattern for a check cardigan worn by Harry Styles for free to creators after TikTokers started DIYing their own versions.

“We feel like the brands are really opened up and being more authentic and creative in their way to really adapt to this Gen Z mindset,” Vu says. “Post-consumer experience is real. The community will Google what they’ve just seen in a fashion show video, how to do it, how to make it. Brands are aware of these post-consumer experiences, and they can really capitalize on relevant calls-to-action that generate trends within the community.”

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