First rehabilitate Polavaram victims, then copper dam: opposition to Andhra government

By Express News Service

KHAMMAM:  Leaders of Opposition parties demanded the Andhra Pradesh government to first complete the Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) package for the families that were displaced due to the Polavaram project and then construct the copper dam and other water storage facilities. They also demanded the AP government to ensure that Bhadrachalam town does not drown because of the backwater of the project.

To protest against State government’s attitude in solving the problems of the submerged area, opposition parties’ leaders have planned for a deeksha in Vijayawada city on Monday. CPI(M) State secretary P Madhu, CPI State secretary K Ramakrishna, TDP leader Jyothula Nehru, Pratyeka Hoda Congress party MLA Podem Veeraiah, former MLAs Chanda Lingaiah and Gummadi Narasaiah, visited Bhadrachalam on Saturday. They alleged that revenue officials and the police are forcibly vacating the displaced persons without paying compensation.

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