Top 9 Ways to Fix TikTok Search Not Working

TikTok continues to dominate the social media space. Short-form videos have become the preferred choice for the young generation. While TikTok offers a robust experience with useful features, it’s not entirely free of issues. Many users have reported issues with the default search menu on TikTok.

TikTok has a handy search menu for users, videos, sounds, and hashtags. While TikTok may not load or load properly, the search showing no results can confuse you. Instead of spending hours finding people or trendy videos, use the tricks below to get back a working search function on TikTok.

1. Learn Search Filters

When you search for a specific term on TikTok, the app showcases top results, including videos, users, sounds, and hashtags. You can use the built-in filters to narrow down search results. Here’s how.

Step 1: Launch TikTok and search for a video, sound, or user at the top.

Step 2: You can use the top menu to keep the search results limited to videos, users, sounds, or hashtags.

Step 3: Tap the three horizontal dots menu in the top-right corner and select Filters. You can sort search results by video category, like count, date posted, and more. Hit Apply and find what you are looking for.  

2. Try Searching for a Video in TikTok History

Are you looking for a specific TikTok video on the platform? The company’s algorithms quickly change your home feed, and you may face issues finding the same video. You can use the search menu at the top, but we have an even better way to find the same video quickly.

TikTok stores your watch history by default. You can find your recently viewed videos from the Settings menu. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Launch TikTok and go to your profile. Tap the hamburger menu at the top-right corner and open Settings and privacy.

Step 2: Open the Activity center.

TikTok Search Not Working 7TikTok Search Not Working 7

Step 3: Tap Watch history. Glance over your recently viewed videos on TikTok.

You can also access your comment and search history from the same menu.  

3. The Video Is Unavailable

If the creator has deleted the video on TikTok, you can’t find it. Sometimes, when a specific video violates TikTok’s guidelines, the social media giant may pull down the video without anyone’s consent.

4. The TikTok Account Is Banned

Are you looking for a specific account on TikTok and failing to find it? The person may have deleted the account on TikTok. Sometimes, TikTok also shadowbans the account from search results to limit their reach. If a TikTok account repeatedly violates the company’s guidelines and rules, it may end up with such a treatment.

5. Restart TikTok

Do you still face issues with TikTok search on your phone? You need to force restart the app and try again.

Step 1: Swipe up and hold from the bottom to open the recent apps menu. Swipe up on TikTok to close it.

Step 2: Launch TikTok and try using the search menu.

TikTok Search Not Working 10TikTok Search Not Working 10

6. Check Network Connection

When you use TikTok on a slow network connection, you may face issues finding relevant results. You should temporarily enable the Airplane mode and disable it after some time. If the network issues persist on your phone, reset the network settings and try again.

Refer our guide on resetting network settings on Android and iPhone

7. Clear TikTok Cache

TikTok may collect corrupt cache at times and cause issues with the core functions of the app. You should clear TikTok cache using the steps below.

Step 1: Long-press on TikTok app icon and open the app info menu.

Step 2: Select Storage and Cache and tap Clear Cache from the following menu.

The steps above work on Android only. If you have an iPhone, try the tricks below to clear the app cache.

Step 1: Launch TikTok and go to Settings and privacy (check the steps above).

Step 2: Scroll to Free up space.

Step 3: Check the amount of collected cache and tap Clear. 

8. Check TikTok Servers

If TikTok servers are down, you run into glitches with the search function. You can visit Downdetector to confirm your suspicions. You need to wait for TikTok to resolve server-side issues.

9. Update TikTok

An outdated TikTok app can cause issues with a search on your phone. You should update TikTok to the latest version from the Play Store or the App Store.

Fly Through TikTok Search Results

TikTok has done a commendable job with the powerful search function in the app. It’s an integral part of your TikTok experience. TikTok search button missing or filters not working can spoil your mood. The tricks above should troubleshoot the problem. Which trick worked for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.  

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