Flood alert issued in Andhra’s Krishna district after gate of Pulichintala dam washes away

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: A flood alert has been sounded at Prakasam Barrage in Vijayawada on Thursday after a crest gate (no. 16) in Pulichintala Irrigation Project on Krishna river located upstream of the barrage got broken and washed away. Large volumes of water from the project are being released downstream from Pulichintala.

With the accident, 40,000 cusecs additional flood discharge is taking place from the Pulichintala project. At present, Pulichintala project is receiving inflows at a discharge rate of 1.1 lakh cusecs while outflows are at 3 lakh cusecs discharge, which is expected to increase further.

In view of the heavy outflows from Pulichintala, a high alert has been sounded in the villages in Guntur and the Krishna district along the course of the river. 

Krishna district Collector J Niwas directed the officials to take measures for shifting the people from low-lying areas along the river in the district if needed, as the flood discharge rate is likely to increase up to 6 lakh cusecs. 

At around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday, the officials were lifting the crest gates of the Pulichintala project to release surplus water downstream. They were to lift the gates to a height of two feet.

Suddenly, the Gate no 16 came apart as the welding holding the gate to the dam structure came apart and completely broke due to the heavy pressure of the floodwater. 

Meanwhile, water resources department officials are making alternative stop-lock gate arrangements at the broken gate. Minister for Water Resources P Anil Kumar Yadhav visited the project and took stock of the situation.

The district administration of the Guntur and Krishna districts are closely monitoring the situation.

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