‘Floribama Shore’: Nilsa & Gus Reveal If It Was Awkward To Live Together Amidst Her Pregnancy

In an EXCLUSIVE interview, ‘Floribama Shore’ star, Nilsa Prowant, dishes on being pregnant and why it was completely cool dwelling together with her ex-fling, Gus, throughout the being pregnant.

Things will look fairly totally different for Nilsa Prowant on this season of Floribama Shore — as a result of she’s pregnant! The actuality star is expecting her first child with fiance, Gus Gazda, however nonetheless went to Montana together with her roommates to movie the fourth season of Floribama Shore in 2020. Yes, that signifies that she was dwelling with her ex-flingGus Smyrnios, amidst her being pregnant!

Luckily, issues between Nilsa and Gus S. are historical historical past at this level, and so they each opened as much as HollywoodLife about why there was no awkwardness between them when filming resumed for season 4. “I was super happy for her,” Gus gushed. “I know a lot of people are going to think I was sour toward [her being pregnant] because of the history there, but that’s old news. Me and Nilsa lived in Atlanta for a year and a half when I was dating someone else and she was dating the guy she’s with. We went on a lot of double dates and group outings and had a great time.”

Nilsa Prowant and Gus Smyrnios at a HollywoodLife picture shoot. (Paige Kindlick)

Gus added that his friendship with Nilsa has was one thing “where there’s no weird tension or any of that stuff.” However, he did admit to having a little bit of a “weird reaction” when listening to about her being pregnant — nevertheless it had nothing to do with their previous fling. “I think it’s normal for all of us to be a little worried about the show’s future with anyone being pregnant,” he defined. “If you’re starting a family, who knows if you’ll come back. All we do is drink and party and if you’re pregnant, you can’t really drink and party. So I was worried about that, but when it comes to being sour about it, I wasn’t that way at all.”

Nilsa echoed Gus’s ideas about why there was no awkward pressure between them amidst her being pregnant information. “Leading up to filming, me, Gus and the other Gus hung out multiple times,” she defined. “Gus came to Easter at my house, we went to Top Golf with him multiple times. We were hanging out with his family at one point. We had hung out more times than I can count on two hands. So for me, there was no issue. We were all friends.”

floribama shore cast vmas
The solid of Floribama Shore on the VMAs. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Nilsa’s different castmates additionally raved over how pleased they have been for her, particularly because the being pregnant information got here shortly after Nilsa’s father handed away in Aug. 2020. “I know she had a hard time with her dad passing away,” Aimee Hall stated. “So anything that Nilsa wants, if it makes her happy, it makes me happy. I don’t want kids, but if she’s happy, I’m happy for her!”

Needless to say, issues are going to look fairly a bit totally different for Nilsa this season. “I knew this was going to be different,” she admitted. “I’m usually the party girl. I went to jail last season and now I’m pregnant! It was very wild for me to even try to think about how it would be.” Floribama Shore airs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on MTV, following the mid-season finale of Jersey Shore.

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