Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah wants NEP to go, demands debate

By Express News Service

BENGALURU: Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Siddaramaiah on Friday urged the State Government not to go ahead with its decision of implementing the National Education Policy-2020.

Responding to Higher Education Minister Dr CN Ashwanth Narayan’ letter requesting his appointment to discuss the implementation of National Education Policy-2020, the former CM said that the government has already decided to implement the policy from the current academic year, without any discussion with the students, teachers, education experts and the Opposition parties. “It is not correct to call for discussion after arriving at a decision,” he added.

Siddaramaiah said that the government should have discussed and debated it before the implementation as NEP decides the future of students. “There are many concerns about NEP. It infringes upon the autonomy of states over education and universities and it promotes privatisation leading to inequality and social injustice,” Siddaramaiah added.Terming NEP as unscientific, he said NEP will push lakhs of students into darkness. 

Siddaramaiah said if there has to be a debate on NEP in good spirit,  the government has to immediately withdraw its implementation and they will participate in the discussion. He also said that after deliberations, if the NEP is found to be good,  the Opposition will support the government in its implementation.  

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