Former Mr India Premraj Arora Dies of a Heart Attack Post Workout

Former Mr India Premraj Arora Dies of Heart Attack Post Workout

According to the reports, bodybuilder Premraj Arora was found lying unconscious inside the bathroom before being rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival.

Famous bodybuilder and former Mr India, Premraj Arora died after suffering a heart attack post-workout in Kota. He was 42. Arora used to train the youth in the gym and had won dozens of bodybuilding awards.

Speaking to the media about his untimely death, the sources said, “After finishing his workout Arora had gone to the washroom where he suffered a heart attack and fell on the floor.” The incident came to light when he did not respond to calls from his family. The door of the bathroom was locked and had to be broken to get him out. They further added, “We rushed him to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.” Arora is survived by his two daughters and a wife.

The family members of the deceased also stated that Arora used to follow a disciplined routine, abstaining from drugs.

Cardiac arrest or heart attack has become a very common reason behind the deaths of many celebrities in the entertainment industry. Raju Srivastav, Sidharth SkhShukla, Singer KK, and many others have succumbed to heart disease and met with their untimely demise.

Symptoms of Heart Attack You Shouldn’t Ignore

In recent times the number of deaths due to heart attacks and cardiac arrest has increased massively. Several celebrities have also succumbed to the same.

Heart attacks come with a set of signs and symptoms. Here are 7 warning signs your body gives you before a heart attack, make sure to not ignore and miss any of them at any cost.

  1. Chest discomfort
  2. Chest pain
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Sweating profusely
  5. Palpitation
  6. Nausea
  7. Cold sweats

These 7 symptoms of heart problems can show up right before a heart attack. “Stop right there when you notice any of these warning symptoms in your body while working out. It is important to have good knowledge about heart diseases and keep a close check on how your body is behaving while you are working out.”

NOTE: One must understand precisely when to stop exercising. Overdoing anything can cost a lot more than what you think.

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