How Flowers and the French Countryside Inspired This Charming New East Village Bakery

Lucie Franc de Ferriere is someone who knows cakes. In fact, having made them for the likes of Lorde, actor AnnaSophia Robb, and most recently Harry Styles when he came to NYC to play Madison Square Garden, she more than just knows cakes—she has an intimate relationship with them in all their glorious forms, flavors, and shapes. “Cake is religious to me,” says Franc de Ferriere. “In France, the kids have goûter, where you have milk and a baguette with chocolate at around 4 p.m. It’s such a ritual, and I feel like a kid in a sense still wanting cake and Yorkshire tea every day at that time. But now, I’m an adult who gets to have a whole bakery for that—and to give it to other people for their own cake rituals.” 

Photo: Ash Bean

Welcome to the world of From Lucie, Franc de Ferriere’s new bakery, which opened this past weekend in the East Village behind a bijou, mustard yellow storefront—and has already attracted lines around the block. 

It turns out that Franc de Ferriere’s first bakery is a lifetime in the making, even if it took a few diversions to get here. Originally hailing from a small town in Bordeaux, her bucolic upbringing on a farm involved many years of watching carefully as her mother would cook for the guests staying at their B&B, the majority of her ingredients coming straight from their property. “There was always cake at our home,” says Franc de Ferriere, laughing. “Way too much of it actually. I nourished myself from that background.”

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