Gigi Hadid posts pictures of Cayman Islands trip after being released on bail

Supermodel Gigi Hadid posted a couple of pictures and a video from her time in Cayman Islands soon after news that she has been released on bail went viral. Hadid who was on an all-girls’ trip to the Cayman Islands on July 10 was arrested from the Owen Roberts International Airport for possessing marijuana.

Gigi’s latest Instagram post has eben captioned: ‘all’s well that ends well’. The first post features a video of the model with her friend chilling by the sea. The second show, Gigi flaunting her perfect body in a bright yellow bikini.

The other images show glimpses of food, tan lines, jewelry and friends. She captioned the post: “All’s well that ends well.”

The post has over 25,98,000 likes. It includes a like from Bollywood actor Ananya Panday. According to local outlet Cayman Marl Road, shortly after Hadid and her friend arrived on a private plane, Customs officials allegedly found “marijuana and equipment used for its consumption” in their luggage. Hadid and her friend were subsequently arrested, the outlet reports, adding that they were taken to the Prisoner Detention Centre, from where they were released on bail.

Two days later, on July 12, Hadid and her pal were formally charged during a court appearance, where they pleaded guilty and were both fined $1,000, according to Cayman Marl Road. They are not facing any charges now.

“Gigi was travelling with marijuana that she purchased legally from NYC with a medical licence,” her representative said.

“It (marijuana) is also legal for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017. Her record remains clear and she enjoyed the rest of her time on the island.”

(With IANS inputs)

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