Glitters, prints OD and layering jewellery; Trends that we will be OBSESSED with come 2022

While we slowly venture out into the world again, we’re looking at the hottest trends inspired by our favourite K pop stars that we cannot wait to try in the post-covid apocalyptic era. Scroll down to look at the best and hottest trends inspired by the Korean fashion industry!


Layering isn’t only limited to clothing anymore, chain stacks, ring stacking even multiple earrings are a trend that is dominating the global fashion scene currently. The idol we look up to for fashion trends–SHINee marked their vote of approval on the trend with their “Don’t Call Me” MV. The look from their video is so easy to recreate by mere mortals like us and if you’re feeling daring, don’t be afraid to mix and match different metals and textures!


Glitter overdose is an upcoming trend that will have its time in the limelight once things open up. So once we can go out, why not go ALL out? Soloist queen Chungha “Bicycle” MV, made way for the glitter obsession to take over. One can easily experiment with the style by incorporating shiny textures in jewellery, makeup or even clothes. 


Prints never looked better! Playful vibrant and casual, this season is all about prints; considering we’ve spent the entire last year in solid basics! Rookie girl group Aespa also loved the style, as was visible in their ’90s-inspired style which includes SO many patterns! So geek pout on polka dots, geometric patterns, or abstract colour play because there are no rules when it comes to patterns! 


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