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New Delhi: As the NASA efficiently landed its Perseverance rover in a deep crater close to the planet Mars’ equator referred to as Jezero, Google on Friday added a virtual fireworks on its web page for a selected search.

If you search “Perseverance” on Google, you will notice firework everywhere in the web page.

“Good things come to those who persevere. Congrats @NASA and @NASAPersevere on a successful landing!” Google tweeted.

Engineers at NASA’s mission management in California erupted with pleasure when affirmation of landing got here by way of.

The six-wheeled automobile will now spend a minimum of the following two years drilling into the native rocks, searching for proof of previous life.

Jezero is believed to have held an enormous lake billions of years in the past. And the place there’s been water, there’s the chance there may also have been life.

The sign alerting controllers that Perseverance was down and protected arrived at 20:55 GMT. In the previous they may have hugged and high-fived however strict coronavirus protocols meant they’d all been separated by Perspex screens. A respectful fist bump was about all they may handle.

Indian American Swati Mohan just about spearheaded the profitable landing of Perseverance that may seek for indicators on life on the Red Planet.

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