Growing music producer Aman Bhadouria wants others in the industry to focus on creating uniqueness

The Agra-boy, with his love for music, mixed with his determination to create great tunes, wants to thrill music lovers.

We always seek our sense of joy and happiness in different things or people. It could be anything, a book, a place, a person, anything, and it could even essentially be music. They say music can give wings to a person’s heart to flutter from one place to another, and fly in an altogether different world, created through their imaginations, which can ultimately give people their sense of joy and happiness. To make sure more and more people understand the power of music, many musical talents, artists, lyricists and producers entered the scene. Aman Bhadouria is one such rising music producer who proves that music can even act as a powerful potion to heal things within us and touch the deepest corners of our hearts.

Aman Bhadouria is more than what meets the eye. This Agra boy is a 20-year-old and still has made sure to impress people with his versatile skills and talents. Apart from being a freelance model and a fashion content creator, he has shown every quality of becoming a music producer as well. “It won’t be wrong to say that music has given a new meaning to my life in ways more than one, where it has made me realize that I could also create magic in this field,” says the youngster.

His content creation in the fashion niche also made him the talk of the town in recent times, and his freelance model work, walking the ramp for some of the biggest brands and labels on some of the biggest shows and also working for Amazon, propelled him forward as an incredibly talented creative and artistic professional.

With his growing interest in music, Aman Bhadouria has been keen on every aspect and process that goes under creating music. He aims to expand his knowledge in the niche and learn new things that he could incorporate into his daily work as a music producer. “There is so much to learn each day in the music industry with so many innovations taking place, with the infusion of technology. I am all excited about becoming a music producer, besides being a model, and content creator, as it is a challenging job, but fascinating as well.” He further adds that to stand apart from others, music producers must always focus on creating something unique in music to instantly make listeners fall in love with it. Go follow him now on Instagram @amanbhadaouriaa or visit his website,, to keep getting more updates.

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