Gucci sells Kaftans worth Rs 2.5 lakh, seem to be inspired by Indian kurtas

Gucci is a luxury fashion house based in Florence, Italy. The world-famous brand caters to affluent and voguish people and has products ranging from handbags, footwear and clothes to make-up, accessories and fragrances.

Like many other brands, Gucci too is often inspired by different cultures from across the globe and its latest collection has a striking resemblance to Indianwear.

Gucci introduced kaftans in its 1996 collection, but once you look at the latest apparel, you will find elements of our desi kurta and patterns of embroidery in it. Gucci’s latest kaftan collection consists of print, silk and linen Kaftans with beautiful traditional necklines and tassels. 

Kaftan is a variant of a robe or tunic and and has an Asiatic culture and origin. Now, Gucci’s new collection ranges from USD 2,100 (Rs 1.5 lakh) to USD 3,500 (Rs 2.5 lakh), a tad bit too much for a kurta/kaftan but it has infused Indian heritage with international fashion. 

The description for the floral embroidery organic linen kaftan on Gucci’s website reads, “Crafted from organic linen, this kaftan is enriched with floral embroidery and self-tile tassels. First introduced as part of Gucci’s 1996 collection, the kaftan continues to be an integral part of the House aesthetic while evolving in new materials and modern details. Unexpected layering with tracksuit pieces define a whole new way to interpret the garment, giving it a surprising twist.”

The description for the silk kaftan reads, “Filled with ‘60s and ‘70s influences, the kaftan reinterprets the aesthetic of the hippie movement with a new take on relaxed garments in light fabrics. For this new iteration, the emblematic Interlocking G motif mixes with a stripe chain print elevating the ivory silk fabric.”

This is not the first time Gucci was inspired by Indian culture. In the Milan Fashion Week of 2018, the brand had a model walking the runway in what appeared to be a full-fledged Sikh turban. 

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